These snowmen were brought in to us in a very sad state.

For about 30 years they would greet visitors who approached their owner’s house by singing and dancing.

Sadly, some of the snowmen were not as bright and cheerful as they has been and they would sometimes start singing spontaneously, or worse, ignore someone completely!


Undressing one of them revealed that many of the internal light bulbs had failed and that some electrical connections were intermittent.

It also transpired that the power supply was a very old 12V AC one, but all the circuits worked on 12V DC.

A new power supply was sourced, all the old light bulbs were replaced with 12V LED tape and everything was reassembled using thin wire to ‘sew’ the bases on instead of using the perished, brittle plastic rings that can be seen next to the screwdriver.

… and here they are, back on duty!