This Tiffany lamp was brought in having had a mishap.

A close look at the break showed that an attempt to repair with glue had been made but was not successful.

It also revealed that the leaded lights had been made by the copper foil method rather than the more substantial lead version. Video here.

This method is rather weak when you consider the considerable weight of the lamp plus its shade, all held by a small amount of the self-adhesive glue backing the copper foil.

Firstly, the two broken surfaces were cleaned with a sequence of scrubbing, IPA then acetone to remove all residues.

Then the threaded tube shown was removed and replaced with one that stood about 2cm higher.

After that, the two broken edges and inside faces were coated with standard Araldite and the two parts reassembled and firmly immobilised for 48 hours.

After that, the part above the break was reinforced by tipping about 50ml of clear casting acrylic resin through the top before final reassembly.